Discover how to be your best when it matters most

Could you be clear of thought when it matters most?

Is it possible for you or your team to access your best performance on demand?

Could you be free in motion and express your best self under competitive pressure?

At A-Game all things are possible with our 3 Step Mental Coaching System

we help our clients find the recipe for their ultimate success.

Anybody who aspires to become a champion can find a way,

regardless of who they are and their circumstances.

With hard work anything is possible.

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“Mindset is what Separates the BEST from the REST”

John Assaraf


“In my job I have to see and process the dynamic unfolding picture in front of me with total clarity. The A-Game system has helped me in establishing that clear picture that enables me to make decisions with absolute relevance”
“The Toyota Cheetah players are reconstructing themselves to a #new-generation South African rugby player. My need as coach was an objective external mental mentor to help maintain belief and nurture the desire of each athlete to be the best he can be when it matters. During the Currie Cup, Ruan maintained the existing team culture, and with the A-game program he created an opportunity, to help players and coaches, to achieve just that”

Franco Smith

Head Coach Super Rugby & Currie Cup

Jaco Peyper

Premier International Rugby Referee

“To be the best you can possibly be, you need to create the right environment for an individual as well as a team. The A-Game mental coaching system has helped me understand how my personality works and how to mentally become the best version of myself in both my own space and the space of the team! Thanks Ruan and A-Game”
“I believe that the mental component in rugby and in any job for that matter represents 90% of one’s success, and working within the A-Game system makes a significant difference in this area. To be the leader of a team is not always an easy job because of the many different personalities you have to understand and work with. The A-Game system helped me to better understand myself and my fellow players"

Francois Venter

Springbok Centre & Free State Cheetahs Captain

Theunis De Bruyn

Protea Player & VKB Knights Captian

A-Game Mental System

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